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Beware of “rumor about you” DM that is Twitter account hijack exploit

October 25, 2011 By: FraudInfo Category: Confirmed frauds

Earlier this afternoon I received the following message from a lawyer I know: “There is a rumor/blog going around about you http://tdotco/abcdefg might want to read it” (TLD is t.co and other part of the URL is s1bYMHV).

If you click on this link and successfully load this site, it sends this message to all your followers. It is currently circulating among Canadian lawyers. Beware and don’t get fooled.

About 2 months ago got a “You look different in this pic” DM from the same t.co TLD. Watch for it and stay away.

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One Response to “Beware of “rumor about you” DM that is Twitter account hijack exploit”

  1. RT says:

    Yep, recently on twitter have been exploited tens of thousands of accounts
    according to telegraph.co.uk their article states that
    “Graham Cluley of Sophos says that the exploit can also be used to force pop-ups to appear on a users’ screen and from there redirect people to third party sites.”

    Is that what happened to you ?

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