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LAWPRO Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company (LAWPRO) is owned by the Law Society of Upper Canada and is licensed to provide professional liability insurance and title insurance in numerous jurisdictions across Canada. Through its malpractice insurance program, LAWPRO insures over 25,000 practising lawyers in Ontario, as well as providing them with risk and practice management information under the practicePRO banner.

LAWPRO's Posts

“Not Your Mother’s Law Career”: The new student issue of LAWPRO Magazine

student mag cover

Regardless of their reasons for choosing a legal education, today’s young lawyers can expect that their experiences practising law will be different from depictions of the profession they witnessed growing up. The future of law is no longer your mother’s, father’s, or Hollywood lawyer’s practice. The 2017 student issue of LAWPRO Magazine explores what this… Read More »

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Your LAWPRO policy: Taking parental leave? You have options


Planning for parental leave might seem overwhelming when you are thinking about leaving your practice for an extended period, particularly if you’ve never taken leave before. You may have questions about the process of taking time off and how this will impact your professional liability insurance. Do I still pay premiums? What if someone steps… Read More »

Categories: LAWPRO Errors and Omissions Coverage

How unhealthy lawyers affect client service


Almost all lawyers experience stress, but unless it becomes toxic, there is little risk to the client. Occasionally things get truly out of control. That’s when important deadlines are missed, communication with the client diminishes (or ends), and files languish. In extreme cases, the lawyer ‘pretends’ to practice by misrepresenting to the client that work… Read More »

Categories: Wellness and Balance

What do Canadian homeowners know about title insurance?

LAWPRO video screenshot

Communities across Canada depend on local lawyers for reliable access to justice. These lawyers not only act on real estate deals, but also draft wills, incorporate companies, advise on family law situations and provide information and direction on dealing with complex legal issues. LAWPRO views the future of the real estate bar as a strategic,… Read More »

Categories: The TitlePLUS Program & Title Insurance, LAWPRO Errors and Omissions Coverage

Is this the job you want? How to find the right fit – and then sell yourself in the interview

yes no maybe graphic

On the face of it, interviewing should not be all that difficult – particularly for lawyers. As members of a profession who primarily make their living either writing or speaking, the idea that having a conversation about your interests and abilities in your own profession sounds both logical and easy. But throw the words “job… Read More »

Categories: Career Management

LAWPRO key dates for 2017


Below are the important dates Ontario lawyers should be aware of with regards to their LAWPRO insurance coverage, such transaction levies, renewals and the LAWPRO risk management credit. Watch for additional reminders in your inbox as these dates get closer (and ensure LAWPRO is “whitelisted” in your email inbox settings. January 31, 2017 Real estate… Read More »

Categories: LAWPRO Errors and Omissions Coverage

AvoidAClaim enters The Clawbies Hall of Fame

hall of fame building

AvoidAClaim is proud to be inducted into the new Clawbies Hall of Fame, after a number of years as winner and runner-up. The Clawbies (now in their 11th year) were created by founder Steve Matthews to draw attention to Canadian law blogs and encourage more of us to develop them. Here is the announcement… Read More »

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