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About Nora Rock

Nora Rock Nora Rock, now Corporate Writer and Policy Analyst at LAWPRO, is the author of more than 20 books on a wide range of legal subjects (as well as two novels).

Nora was called to the Bar in 1995 after earning her J.D. degree from the University of Toronto and articling with Toronto's Fasken Martineau (then Fasken Campbell Godfrey). She spent seven years as the Director of Acquisitions for Emond Montgomery Publications, where she worked as a content editor/planner and recruited and managed author teams. In 2001,

Nora launched Pith & Substance Communications, a freelance legal writing business, which she ran until joining LAWPRO in 2011. Nora also has experience developing and delivering curriculum for courses ranging from tax law to criminal procedure in the Law Clerk and Paralegal programs at Durham College.

Nora enjoys the wide variety in the work she does for LAWPRO, though criminal justice remains her favourite research area.

Nora Rock's Posts

What kinds of PPSA claims does LAWPRO see?

What kinds of PPSA claims does LAWPRO see? Problems with registrations under personal property security legislation (such as the Ontario Personal Property Security Act (PPSA)) are common causes of claims against corporate/commercial lawyers, and indemnity costs associated with these claims can be high. Approximately ten claims involving allegations of PPSA-related mistakes are reported to LAWPRO… Read More »

Categories: Real Estate

Reflections on Technology Changes in Real Estate Practice

woman looking at tablet

Online real estate portals support client satisfaction, risk management, and profitability Facilitating transfers of real estate has been the bread-and-butter of thousands of Ontario lawyers for generations. Despite occasional market wobbles, real estate business has helped firms to flourish in communities of all sizes, often supporting the delivery of family, estates, commercial and even criminal… Read More »

Categories: Real Estate, Technology

Is it safe to serve on a client’s board of directors?

It can be very rewarding, both personally and financially, to be asked to serve on a client’s board of directors. It’s also easy to understand why a client might make the request: the lawyer may have worked closely with the corporation’s founders to establish the company, and will likely have a solid understanding of the… Read More »

Categories: LAWPRO Errors and Omissions Coverage, Conflicts of Interest, Corporate Law

The importance of reporting letters


From both a client communication and a claims prevention perspective, reporting letters may be among the most important documents in a lawyer’s file. Reporting letters support client communication by describing the work that has been completed and the results achieved. Good reporting letters should also communicate whether any issues remain to be resolved or tasks… Read More »

Categories: Communication Errors

To avoid real estate claims: take instructions from the party with value at risk


If you’ve read even just the title of today’s risk management post, you’re on your way to avoiding a real estate claim. For seasoned real estate lawyers, the process of taking instructions, formulating or answering requisitions, and closing the deal can become, to a large extent, routine. An “ordinary” set of instructions with respect to… Read More »

Categories: Real Estate

Cultural competence: An essential skill in an increasingly diverse world

multicoloured face

With each passing day, the legal profession becomes ever more diverse. That diversity brings challenges and opportunities. LAWPRO turned to diversity specialist Ritu Bhasin, Founder and President of bhasin consulting inc., for practical advice about the steps that lawyers and firms can take to welcome lawyers regardless of their personal and cultural identity characteristics, and… Read More »

Categories: Communication Errors
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