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Wellness and Balance

7 steps to a healthier work day


Studies indicate that we are now sitting more than ever in history. With the advent of modern technology and a more sedentary lifestyle, tasks have become increasingly repetitive. This combination of static posture and limited movement impact the way our bodies work, play and heal. Health Canada estimates that musculo-skeletal disorders cost us over $15… Read More »

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Homewood Human Solutions e-Learning courses can now be claimed for the LAWPRO Risk Management credit


As maintaining good mental health and coping well with stress helps lawyers avoid claims, LAWPRO financially supports the Law Society’s Member Assistance Program (MAP), which is administered by Homewood Human Solutions (HHS). As of September 16, 2014, e-Learning courses offered on the HHS site will now be approved for the LAWPRO Risk Management credit. The… Read More »

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Overview of online services offered through the Membership Assistance Program (MAP)


MAP is a confidential service financially supported by the Law Society of Upper Canada and LAWPRO, supporting our commitment to help all members in achieving their health and wellness goals. About Member Services The Member Services area of the Homewood Human Solutions™ website provides lawyers and paralegals covered by the Member Assistance Program with secure,… Read More »

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Updated practicePRO Guide to Resources


The practicePRO Guide to Resources is a handy reference to all the risk and practice management material we offer, contained in a 4 page brochure format. We’ve recently updated the Guide, and a PDF version is available here. The Guide introduces the reader to the main facets of practicePRO: The AvoidaClaim blog The website… Read More »

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