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Business Loan Fraud

In this type of scam a lawyer is contacted to help an overseas lender collect on a business debt from a purported borrower in the lawyer’s jurisdiction. The fraudster will provide documentation about the loan. A retainer agreement will be signed, but the fraudster will delay in paying the retainer fee. Instead, the lawyer will be asked to deduct any fees from the debt payment.

When the lawyer has sent a demand letter (or sometimes, before any letter has been sent) a cheque will arrive. The lawyer will be asked to deposit the cheque in the trust account and wire the balance (after fees are deducted) to an overseas account. Of course, the cheque is fraudulent and the lawyer will be left with a shortfall in the trust account.

Here is a list of names we’ve seen associated with this fraud. The date in brackets is the most recent notification we’ve received that the fraud is still active.

Abramovic, Richard [Oct 2012]
Ackley, Raymond [April 2014]
Agius, Paul [Aug 2012]
Akao, Yasushi [Oct 2012]
Aksel, Sebastian [Aug 2013]
Alghun, Micheal [Oct 2013]
Anastacio, Ana Cristina [September 2011]
Aris, Izzadin [August 2011]
Benson, Rick [Sept 2013]
Berube, Caroline [Oct 2013]
Blanchard, Denis [Nov 2013]
Brock, William [January 2012]
Brockman, Margaret [May 2013]
Brown, Kelvin [December 2011]
Burnham, Martha [July 2014]
Brueggemann, Catherine [June 2013]
Buxbaum, David [Sept 2012]
Calderone, Michael [Feb 2014]
Campbell, Gordon [Nov 2012]
Caraballo, Shawn [Jan 2014]
Chao, John [February 2012]
Chang, Michael [September 2011]
Chaplic, Ralph [November 2011]
Cheng, Xue [Nov 2013]
Christopher, Ethan [August 2011]
Cornell, Mathew [May 2012]
Dan, Albert [April 2014]
Dean, Kenneth [Nov 2013]
Duckett, Barbara [Aug 2012]
Dusana, Francis [July 2012]
Edwards, Dionne [Sept 2013]
Eider, Gary [Aug 2013]
Fischer, John [June 2012]
Frazier, Richard [Aug 2012]
Freitag, Christina [July 2013]
Gatewood, Timothy [Aug 2013]
Gilbert, Christine [September 2011]
Gudbrand, Aleksaner [March 2013]
Graham, George [August 2011]
Green, Hillary Higgins [March 2012]
Han, Akai [April 2013]
Hawkins, Tamara [July 2014]
Harald, Ludvik [April 2013]
Harrison, Alana [Oct 2013]
Huang, Shaoxiang [Nov 2012]
Hernandez, Maria [Nov 2013]
Hillary, Wessler [Jan 2014]
Joe, Cochran [Jan 2013]
Kaihori, Shuzo [June 2013]
Kirk, Linda [Feb 2013]
Kiyoshi, Masao [March 2013]
Kreuger, Elizabeth [June 2013]
Kwema, Miyoko [Feb 2013]
Lachlan, Wylie [March 2012]
Lawre, Jackson [May 2013]
Lawson, David [August 2011]
Lee, Johnny [July 2014]
Leong, Matthew [July 2013]
Li, Yu Sheng [May 2013]
Lopez, Rosalie [Aug 2013]
Mahmoud, Fady [May 2013]
Makoto, Kasuruo [July 2013]
Mason, Larry [August 2011]
Matosuki, Lee [March 2013]
Maurince, Jeffery [May 2014]
Mazur, Tammi [December 2011]
Maxwell, Jonathan [March 2014]
Miller, Berlin [Nov 2012]
Molden, Michael [June 2012]
Moore, Ken [Sept 2012]
Murak, Yamanaka [Sept 2012]
Nelson, Karen [May 2012]
Mingzhu, Wei [June 2013]
Minoru, Isabell [April 2012]
Noriko, Kuduo [September 2011]
Oddval, Benard [Aug 2013]
Parker, Barrie [Nov 2013]
Polase, Helen [Sept 2013]
Ponimdang, Prateep [December 2011]
Prodromou, Tom [Aug 2012]
Rahman, Susan [November 2011]
Randalg, Christensen [November 2011]
Richard, Robertson [Feb 2013]
Ronney, Steven [Oct 2013]
Rudic, Mark [July 2011]
Ryo, Akio [Aug 2013]
Sabtu, Mohammad [July 2014]
Salter, Howard [July 2013]
Schneider, Rebecca [March 2012]
Schweitzer, Catherine [Sept 2012]
Schmucki, Heinz [Aug 2013]
Seiders, Gary [March 2014]
Sevsson, Olson [March 2013]
Stafford, Steven [Aug 2012]
Steeles, Andrew [May 2014]
Sutherland, Drummond [Oct 2013]
Tsikoudis, Christos [June 2014]
Van Hae, Joe [March 2013]
Victor, Martin [March 2012]
Victor, Roberto [July 2012]
White, Mathew [March 2012]
Wilson, Eddie [May 2014]
Wischer, Samantha [July 2013]
Wood, Margaret [Nov 2013]
Yomex, Tony [June 2013]
Young, Rufus [Aug 2013]
Yuzuki, Abraham [Sept 2013]
Zamora, Frank [Jan 2013]
Zoltan, Ray Richard [October 2013]

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