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Lawyers beware: Don’t get phished on Twitter

The ABA Legal Technology Resource Center blog posted a warning this morning that all of us should pay heed to: Be Careful! Twitter Phishing Catches Lawyers, Too What is “phishing”? Email messages (or even tweets) that trick innocent users into entering their account information (for any account: a Twitter account, an email account, a bank… Read More »

Categories: Fraud Prevention

Ironing the wrinkles out of the Limitations Act, 2002

The latest issue of LAWPRO Webzine has a great article on how to avoid limitations claims by LAWPRO’s director of research, Debra Rolph. The Limitations Act, 2002 was proclaimed in force just over six years ago. We had hoped the simplified limitations period regime the new Act created would result in fewer limitation-related claims. While… Read More »

Categories: Civil Litigation, Limitations Claims

practicePRO’s Top Claims Prevention Downloads of 2009

practicePRO’s claims prevention and law practice management resources continue to grow in popularity with lawyers. In 2009 almost 150,000 copies of our articles, checklists and precedents were downloaded. We’ve compiled the list of the forty most popular downloads for 2009. Many of them are consistently popular year to year, such as Peg Duncan’s e-discovery reading… Read More »

Categories: Precedents, Fraud Prevention, Practice Aids

The 3 Facebook Settings Every User Should Check Now

The current #1 on the New York Times most popular articles list is an item that appeared in the Technology section on the weekend: The 3 Facebook Settings Every User Should Check Now. In terms of complexity, the Facebook privacy settings lie somewhere between the calculations behind a space shuttle launch and figuring out what… Read More »

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