Date First Reported: January 2011

Primary Name Associated: Anita Kahn

Description of Potential Fraud:


Over the last 6 months, lawyers in Ontario and elsewhere have reported receiving the below message from the purported Anita Khan. Activity has been particularly high in just the last two weeks and it appears that hundreds, if not thousands, of lawyers are being targeted by this fraud.

The text of the messages was identical, and the following email addresses were used:, [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]

The text of these messages was as follows:

Dear Sir/Madam

My name is Anita Khan living in Ontario Canada i am sending you this Request for a possible Representation in my Organization i serve as a Representative of Asia Pacific Microsystems Inc. in Canada/USA Region i act as their Collective Agent here i.e i recieve payment from delinquent customers.

The Reason why i am writing you this email is to seek your counsel and know if you will be able to take up this job as i am on holiday and will not be returning till the next 3months.

Here are the Benefits if you wish to take this Job

1. $3,500 Every month as your Salary.

2. 10% of every debt you collect from any delinquent customer and then the Company will instruct you on how to send the rest balance to their End.

If Accepted kindly contact Mr John Change of (APM) he will advice you of Next step to Follow.

His Details are as follows.

Full Name: John Chang (Mr)

Phone Number: Tel (General): +886-3-6661188

Fax (General): +886 2 6601 2030

Email: [email protected]

Position At Work: Vice Chairman/Administration / Asia Pacific Microsystems, Inc.

Do contact him by email and advice him of the following details from you







Thank you and do have a lovely day

Mrs Khan
[email protected]

This appears to be a bad cheque scam (for details on how these work see this earlier AvoidAClaim post)

If you have been targeted by this fraud, please forward any of the emails you have received to [email protected].

Call LAWPRO (if you are an Ontario lawyer) at 1-800-410-1013 (416-598-5899) if you suspect you are acting on a matter that appears like it might be a fraud. We will talk you through the common fraud scenarios we are seeing and help you spot red flags that may indicate you are being duped. This will help you ask appropriate questions of your client to determine if the matter is legitimate or not. In the event the matter you are acting is a fraud and there is a potential claim, we will work with you to prevent the fraud and minimize potential claims costs.

If you have been successfully duped, please immediately notify LAWPRO as there may be a claim against you. Instructions on how to report a claim are here.

Further fraud prevention information and resources are available on the practicePRO Fraud page (, including the Fraud Fact Sheet, a handy reference for lawyers and law firm staff that describes the common frauds and the red flags that can help identify them.

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