Date First Reported: October 2011

Primary Name Associated: Wargane Gara Lelaki

Description of Potential Fraud:


Two Ontario laweyrs have told us they’ve received emails from the purported Wargane Gara Lelaki with regards to a commercial debt litigation scam. For examples of other names attached to this kind of fraud see our Confirmed Fraud Page. For an explanation of how this fraud works see our Fraud Fact Sheet.

Here is an example of the email:

From: Mr. Wargane Gara Lelaki [email protected]
Sent: October-13-11 2:24 PM
To: undisclosed recipients:
Subject: Attention: Counselor

Attention: Counselor,

Please I require your legal service on a debt Litigation in North America; Then I will also need a referral if this is not your line of practice, there is a Legal dispute between two North American Companies and a Japanese Company in a matter of 1.2m USD. The Japanese Company has agreed on a contingency fee of the total sum, once the case has been won. The two matters are likely to be settled in the US Court of Law because one of the debtor companies has so far refused any discussion or negotiation, as my effort to resolve the matter without legal proceedings have failed.
So we have decided to take a legal Court action within the next two weeks to enable us recover the debts from them.

Awaiting for your response and advise.


Mr. Wargane Gara Lelaki
Kuala Lumpur
Emails:[email protected]/[email protected] [email protected]

A lawyer who replied got this response:

Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2011 19:27:23 -0700
From: [email protected]
Subject: Re: I require your legal service
To: lawyer email

Thank you for your acceptance and response!

Thus I am writing on behalf of Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd, as regards to their dispute with two USA companies.

I am an English translator from Chen Ken Boon Office to Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd, I am a Malaysia Citizen. Thus I will require your services as Attorney to enable Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd recover the debts, of which they have granted me a full power of Attorney to retain an Attorney who can work for them. Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd supplied 70% cow’s milk and raw milk products to the two USA Companies on February 28, and Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd Standard Supplier agreement which govern their international business trade, in the company trade agreement Article (5) stated that an upfront payment of 50% should be made in other to receive full supply, of which the customer will pay the remaining 50% balance on arrival of the last shipment to them, but after the massive earthquake in March 11 at north of Tokyo that affected Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd products! U.S. bans food imports from regions closest to stricken nuclear plant as Tokyo do to Radiation contamination. America blocks all imports of milk and fresh fruit and vegetables from areas of Japan closest to the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant. The US Food and Drug Administration made the decision after Japanese officials found radiation in crops from the stricken areas, prompting fears contaminated food could enter the U.S. Thus Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd is still suffering from the disaster!

Meanwhile Megmilk Snow Brand Co., have demanded the North American debtors to pay off the 20% of the 70% excess Invoice Supplied already, but one of the two Companies insisted that the remaining of 30% of the invoices outstanding must be supplied to them before they can pay off the total balance left, Thus this has become a bridge of law, because the company trade agreement stated it clearly that natural disaster should be reconsidered in the supply trade agreement… Thus aftermath of the quake months now, the Companies are yet to Comply and that have broth a dispute between these companies; of course I contacted your firm because one of the said companies is within your Jurisdiction, then you will require to retain another Attorney for First company that is outside your jurisdiction, I wanted to be coordinating the two matters through your firm only!

Mr. Yoshiharu Nakano, President of Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd contacted me and requested me to help them to involve an Attorney who can represent them at the court to collect their debts from the American companies, and I advised them that if I have to get an Attorney, they must give me a full power of Attorney to enable me the Right to retain an Attorney for them inside USA, They promptly complied, so I requested you to kindly assist Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd. to recover their debt from this two US Company. The total invoices to be supplied are in excess of $6m USD of which 50% down payment have been made, with left 30% goods to complete the supply. The Companies are to pay remaining 20% balance left of the 70% supplied; That should be about $1.2m USD from the supplied invoices. Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd demanded that the USA Companies should pay this money to enable them have sufficient money to complete their new ongoing relocated Plant here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Again I am humbly requesting you to represent Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd, in order to recover this money.

I have gone through the original Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd Company Contract supply agreement; and I find out that the agreement stated that this case can be tried in any federal court inside USA, despite the state or location. In that case if you are willing to take up this case, you are to decide any location where the two cases can be tried.

Then in other to proceed, the company proposed a contingency fee of 20% if the matter goes to trial, and if won, Payable from the receivables, but in the unlikely event that you are unable to recover any money, and then the Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd will pay for your hours worked. Nevertheless I have to discuss your requested advance payment of $2500. to take on this case with Mr. Yoshiharu, then I will get back to you.

As soon as you’re retained, you will be ask to contact one of the Company next coming week for full scale legal proceedings, but don’t contact them yet until we have your retainer Agreement signed. If you agree to proceed, please send ENGAGEMENT AGREEMENT based on the above conditions, I will forward it to President of the Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd” for him to review it, and I am still waiting for the company to forward the necessary documents of the trade transaction that will necessitate the litigation process of the second Company information from California to my custody to enable me forward them to you, because the available information will help you study the case further.

Below is the contact information of the first Company you will required to sue to Court next coming week:

Contact Address:
171 St. Augustin St.
Woonsocket, RI 02895
phone: 401-739-8180
Fax: 401-356-4496

Kindly check your conflict of interest with your partners in above company jurisdiction, and it up to decide if you are competent of handling this cases.

I await your respond.


Mr. Wargane Gara Lelaki
How to handle a real or suspected fraud

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