The almost daily postings about new fraudster names can become a bit of a blur to readers (and us!) so we’ve decided to post a summary at the end of each month, starting with April of 2013.

April saw the most emails to [email protected] we’ve yet received in a single month: 407. While there are ups and downs in monthly email totals (as low as 50, as high as 300) the average in the past two years has been about 200 a month.

17 new fraudulent names or scenarios were idenitified and posted to the blog, following from 34 new posts in March (an all time monthly high). All but three were commercial debt collection or business loan scenarios.

70% of emails in April were from the U.S., 27% from Ontario, 1% from elsewhere in Canada and 2% from outside North America. Since we started tracking emails in January of 2011, the cumulative breakdown of emails was 45% from Ontario lawyers, 45% from the U.S., 5% each from the rest of Canada and outside North America respectively. Year over year however, the total percentage of emails to us from U.S. lawyers has grown from 38% in 2011 to 42% in 2012 to 60% so far in 2013.

Here are the fraud posts we did in April sorted by scenario:

Commercial debt collection scam:

Business loan collection scam:

Separation agreement scam

Personal Injury settlement scam

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