Times have changed since the first edition of Recruiting Lawyers was published. In 2000, lawyer employment was high and law firm profits were even higher. But today’s legal market presents a new climate. Law firms have slashed their staffing, fewer lawyers are heading into private practice, and there are more applicants than jobs in the legal industry. How does a law firm leader face this current environment and hire the best staff to ensure a successful firm?

Recognizing the importance and complexity of lawyer recruitment, authors Marcia Pennington Shannon and Susan Manch have thoroughly researched law firm hiring practices and its many shifts over the past 30 years. Recruiting Lawyers: How to Hire the Best Talent, Second Edition is the culmination of their efforts, providing you with effective and practical strategies that you can incorporate immediately into your recruitment procedures. These strategies include:

  • Evaluating workforce needs
  • Formulating selection criteria
  • Attracting top talent
  • Effective screening practices
  • Conducting a thorough and engaging interview
  • Conflicts checks and risk management
  • Making the offer
  • Basic employment issues in recruiting

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