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The Ministry of the Attorney General, Court Services Division, released a Notice to the Professions regarding Rule 48.14 in the December 16, 2016 issue of Ontario Reports, 132 O.R. (3d) Part 5, Pages 321-400. This is a helpful reminder of the new 5-year dismissal date for civil litigation files in Ontario, and what you can do to prevent an administrative dismissal. Remember also that actions that are struck have only 2 years to be restored to the trial list, after which they will be administratively dismissed.The notice indicates that courts will deal with Rule 48.14 matters in a manner consistent with the recently decided case Daniels v. Grizell, 2016 ONSC 7351.

Consider using our Rule 48 Transition Toolkit to help ensure you and your firm have set appropriate ticklers and are taking the right steps to moving your files along.