The January 2007 issue of LAWPRO Magazine focused on the practice implications of an aging clientele. For the legal profession, Canada’s aging population has huge ramifications. An aging client base will increase the focus on wills and estate planning, and lawyers must bring themselves up to speed with both the opportunities and the potential exposures that come with providing these services to older clients. At the same time, the majority of lawyers themselves are boomers, and lawyers approaching retirement need to plan for this life-changing event – and not as end point, but as part of a renewal process that requires a proactive, positive mindset.

practicePRO created a web page of supplemental resources for this issue of the magazine, which contains a detailed article on capacity, a 2006 LAWPRO-conducted review of the changing face of the legal profession, and links to other resources offered by the CBA, LSUC, the Ontario government, and more.

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