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The roll-out of Teraview on the Web continues. Region C (East) is required to be off of the desktop version (Teraview 9.0) by April 16, 2018 – less than one week away.

If you have not yet received your token, please contact Teranet ( to do so as soon as possible. A token generates your secure login number every 60 seconds and without it you will not be able to register any real estate documents after the deadline. Either a soft token (app on your mobile device) or a hard token (fob) will do.

Region A (West) and Region B (Central) have successfully converted to Teraview on the Web and we are told the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Region D (Toronto) will be mandatory after May 14, 2018 but you can request your fob any time before then. There is no reason to delay as Teraview on the Web will retain all your existing work and it allows you to work with any other user, even if they have not yet converted to the web version. We advise you not to wait to the last minute.

As of May 15, 2018, the whole province will be on Teraview on the Web. Avoid problems with your closings by transferring to Teraview on the Web now.

LROs in Region C

LRO 4. Ottawa
LRO 8. Morrisburg (Dundas)
LRO 13. Kingston (Frontenac)
LRO 14. Alexandria (Glengarry)
LRO 15. Prescott (Grenville)
LRO 19. Minden (Haliburton)
LRO 21. Belleville (Hastings)
LRO 27. Almonte (Lanark)
LRO 28. Brockville (Leeds)
LRO 29. Napanee (Lennox)
LRO 39. Cobourg (Northumberland)
LRO 40. Whitby (Durham)
LRO 45. Peterborough
LRO 46. Hawkesbury (Prescott)
LRO 47. Picton (Prince Edward)
LRO 49. Pembroke (Renfrew)
LRO 50. Russell
LRO 52. Cornwall (Stormont)
LRO 57. Lindsay (Victoria)

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