Beginning April 4, 2022, the Court of Appeal for Ontario will begin hearing appeals and panel motions in person. Inmate appeals will also be returning to an in-person format, but until further notice, inmates will continue to appear by video conference.

Single motions, purge court, and status court will continue to be heard remotely until further notice.

Parties will have the option of attending in-person appeals and panel motions remotely using a Zoom link, which will be provided to them.

Until further notice, the Court will continue to encourage physical distancing. In-person attendance is ordinarily limited to individuals making oral submissions and a maximum of two additional individuals per party. All other individuals, including members of the public and media, will be able to observe remotely by Zoom.

Given the return to in-person hearings, the Court is also revising the standard wording for the surrender condition in release orders pending appeal.

For more information about these changes, please review the Court’s Protocol for In-Person Hearings During the COVID-10 Pandemic at this link and the Court’s Consolidated Practice Direction Regarding Proceedings During the COVID-19 Pandemic at this link. Please also ensure to use the Court’s updated Counsel Slip and Hearing Information Form at this link.

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