Fraudsters all over the world are targeting lawyers and law firms. Lawyers and law firms need real time tips to prevent frauds. In December 2021, LAWPRO and TLA’s program Avoiding the wire fraud nightmare – what you need to know to protect yourself and your clients introduced the latest wire scams against law firms and their clients, and shared vital tips to prevent fraud and other cyber dangers. In this follow up program, LAWPRO will provide the latest fraud update. Drawing on actual frauds and close calls, this program will review the most recent fraud efforts targeting lawyers, law firms and their clients, and provide practical tips to help you manage these risks. This is a must-view program for lawyers, their clerks and staff to understand and combat wire fraud.

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Juda Strawczynski, Director, practicePRO, LAWPRO

Ray Leclair, Vice President Public Affairs, LAWPRO

Mouna Hanna, Dolden Wallace Folick LLP

Attendees can claim a $50 Risk Management Credit to be applied to their LAWPRO premiums. Claim the credit here.

This program contains 1.5 Professionalism Hour(s)

Categories: Fraud Prevention