As per the Notice to the Profession, dated February 20, 2024, the May and November 2024 civil trial sittings have been eliminated. The sittings in 2025 will also be eliminated. In their place, Central East region will run a Civil Blitz starting September 9, 2024, which will run for 5 weeks. Another Civil Blitz will from January 6, 2025 for 3 weeks.

However, civil trials that have fixed dates will proceed as scheduled. In addition, civil long motions, applications, summary judgment motions and civil pre-trials will remain during the May 2024 and November 2024 trial sittings.

Please note that trial coordinators will not reach out to counsel to advise that their civil trials are being moved out of the May 2024 and November 2024 trial sittings and rescheduled to September 2024. Counsel bear the responsibility of thoroughly reviewing the Notice to the Profession, dated February 20, 2024, in order to acquaint themselves with the updated structure of the sittings.

If counsel have multiple trials on the trial list, they will not be expected to be in two places at the same time. However, if a matter was previously adjourned due to non-available of counsel relating to other trial commitments counsel will be expected to attend on the next scheduled trial date. No further adjournment will be allowed due to counsel’s other trial commitments absent exceptional circumstances.

Cases on the trial list will be called in order of their age, with the oldest cases being called first. Cases that were not reached in a previous sitting will be given priority.
Counsel should not expect that their trial (whether jury or non-jury) will necessarily be called in the court location where a claim was issued. Counsel and the parties should expect to travel to other court locations within Central East Region. Where such travel creates an impediment for either counsel, the parties, and/or the witnesses, this issue should be discussed in advance with the pre-trial judge and/or at Triage Court.

Counsel and the parties are to be ready to start their trial when called by the trial coordinator. Once a matter is on a trial list for the new Civil Blitz in September and January trial sittings, it is deemed ready for trial. Adjournments will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

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