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About Kathleen Waters

Kathleen Waters Kathleen A. Waters was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of LAWPRO in 2008. Previously she had overseen the strategic planning, operations, marketing, sales and administration for the TitlePLUS program. She sits on the Executive Committee of the LAWPRO Board.

Formerly a partner with Torkin, Manes, Cohen & Arbus, Ms. Waters is the author of numerous papers and frequently speaks on real estate law, lawyers' professional liability insurance and title insurance.

She holds an LL.B. from the University of Toronto and obtained her LL.M. from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2001.

Kathleen Waters's Posts

Everything old is new again: Will the return of a broader rent control regime haunt the Ontario real estate bar?


For decades the existence of rent control has posed a risk to Ontario real estate lawyers acting on the purchase and mortgaging of residential rental property. The range of affected properties is immense: From a basement apartment to a rented single family house to the largest multi-residential complexes in the province, many real estate files… Read More »

Categories: Real Estate, Areas of Law

Want to practice real estate more competitively AND comply with the Guidelines? Systemize!


Real estate practice is both highly competitive, and relatively risky (from a claims perspective). Lawyers eager to thrive in real estate will benefit from strategies that streamline their file management while making it easy to adhere to the Law Society of Upper Canada’s Residential Real Estate Transactions Practice Guidelines. In their article “The Law Society… Read More »

Categories: Real Estate

Managing risk: Who pays for crime?


One of the questions we often get asked at LAWPRO is why certain areas of claims don’t get the full $1 million per claim amount of coverage. For example, think of how the LawPRO policy treats counterfeit certified cheques causing an overdraft, cybercrime, and intentional misbehaviour within the real estate registration system – these coverages… Read More »

Categories: Fraud Prevention, Legal Technology, Technology

The facts on the overdraft protection in the LAWPRO policy

cyber police officer

The expanded protection against counterfeit bank instruments was announced by LAWPRO in October 2009. This column by Kathleen Waters, President & CEO of LAWPRO, was in response to calls and emails form lawyers seeking clarification of how this coverage works. 1. This is an enhanced protection The Law Society insurance program has generally provided protection… Read More »

Categories: Fraud Prevention, LAWPRO Errors and Omissions Coverage

Does title insurance bring benefits to the primary professional liability program?


We all know that notwithstanding the rise of title insurance in Ontario, claims arising from real estate practice are still a large (and in many years, the largest) exposure for the primary professional liability program that LAWPRO provides for the Law Society’s lawyer-licensees (the “E&O program”). We have explored why in other articles and settings…. Read More »

Categories: Real Estate, The TitlePLUS Program & Title Insurance, LAWPRO Errors and Omissions Coverage

LAWPRO Magazine archives: Why the LAWPRO base premium is only the start of the story


Why is Ontario lawyers’ professional liability insurance more expensive than other provinces’? It’s a legitimate question, and easy enough to formulate. The answer is either very simple or very complicated and detailed, because it means comparing apples to oranges. Click here (or on the image above) to read the full article, which originally appeared in… Read More »

Categories: LAWPRO Errors and Omissions Coverage
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