The Law Society of Upper Canada just released the final report of the Articling Task Force, Pathways to the Profession: A Roadmap for the Reform of Lawyer Licensing in Ontario. This Task Force was formed to address concerns about the articling program, and in particular relating to the growing number of unplaced licensing candidates. The report outlines a various options for adapting or changing the articling process, including ending the articling requirement as we otherwise know it today. Needless to say, this report and the future of articling have generated a lot of discussion and debate.

On October 25, beginning at 9:30am Eastern, Convocation will debate the final report of the Articling Task Force. The Law Society will broadcast the Convocation debate live via a public webcast. This is a first!

And there is a second first: Concurrent to the debate there will be a simultaneous online discussion featuring a panel of lawyers and legal commenters. The members of the panel will be Lee Akazaki, Omar Ha-Redeye, Jasminka Kalajdzic, Mitch Kowalski, Catherine McKenna, Antonin Pribetic, Douglas Ferguson and Garry Wise.

And there is a third first: You, yes you, can participate live in this discussion and debate, either on the event page or on Twitter.

The decisions made on the future of articling may bring significant changes to the licencing process in Ontario. It promises to be a lively discussion and debate. Take the time to listen to and participate in this important debate.

For more information on how to watch the webcast or participate in the discussion, visit

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