Are you in need of a mentor? Would you mentor someone if you had the time? Here is a possible solution for both. The OBA’s Working Group on Lawyers and Real Estate has undertaken a mentoring initiative on their web site, This mentoring initiative is set up so that everyone can participate with little effort. Go to the site, see the question of the month, click on the suggested answers provided or add a comment and you’re done.

The Working Group encourages all Ontario real estate lawyers to visit the web site regularly or sign up for the email notification service and receive the new question when it is posted. The Working Group will collate all the answers and may offer some further comment or reflection. It is hoped that the archived questions will become a source for answers to all aspects of a real estate transaction.

The survey responses are anonymous so everyone is encouraged to lend their opinion or practice standard. The more lawyers around the province participate, the greater the issues can be canvassed and practical information be provided for all to see.

Ever wonder if you do more or less than anyone else? Here is how to compare your practice to others, anonymously.

Ever wonder what you should do in a particular instance? Read the collected responses and see what the majority are doing and see if you agree. With everyone’s participation this could become the go to source for what should be done in a real estate transaction.

Have a desire to know how others deal with an issue but do not see the question, then suggest it to the Working Group and you may see it in a survey question coming soon.

Please click through to answer this month’s question and encourage all your friends and colleagues who practice any real estate in Ontario to participate.

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