Date First Reported: May 2014

Primary Name Associated: Soh Chong

Description of Potential Fraud:


An Ontario firm informed us they’ve been contacted by the purported Soh Chong with regards to what looks like a real estate bad cheque scam. For details of how this scam works see our Confirmed Fraud page. Our Fraud Fact Sheet lists the red flags of a bogus legal matter that is really a fraud.

Here is the email:

Original Message
From: Soh Chong
Sent: Friday, May 9, 2014 4:42 AM
Reply To: [email protected]
Subject: Enquiry

Dear Counsel,
I wish to acquire a real estate property. Kindly get back to me if you can
assist in this.
Soh Chong

Replying to the email brought this response:

I am Soh Chong from South Korea,working with United Nation as senior administrative coordinator.I tried calling your number but could not get through to you and i guess is due to the time difference. My aim is to invest in your country considering the vast growing nature. But I need a trustworthy and reliable attorney to handle this investment since I will not be fully around due to my busy schedules with work and since is not easy for a foreigner to invest alone in your country due to internal policies.I want to invest on real estate, but your recommendation would be highly welcomed and appreciated. The funds I plan to invest is 1.5 million US Dollar. I will want a partnership with you,as an attorney, with experience on more profitable investment in your country. it will be my pleasure, if you will handle the investment because most time i will not be around,because of the nature of my job.You will be the one to handle and manage the investment on my behalf, with the help of my representative.Also I will buy your need a property now so it can serve as my residence each time I am on a visit in your country for relevant business activities and vacations.
Soh Chong

How to handle a real or suspected fraud

If you have been targeted by any of these frauds, please forward any of the emails and supporting documents that you have received to [email protected]

If you suspect you are acting on a matter that might be a fraud, call LAWPRO at 1-800-410-1013 (416-598-5899). We will talk you through the common fraud scenarios we are seeing and help you spot red flags that may indicate you are being duped. This will help you ask appropriate questions of your client to determine if the matter is legitimate or not. If the matter you are acting on turns out to be a fraud and there is a potential claim, we will work with you to prevent the fraud and minimize potential claims costs.

If you have been successfully duped, please immediately notify LAWPRO as there may be a claim against you. Instructions on how to report a claim are here.

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Fraud Fact Sheet More fraud prevention information and resources are available on the practicePRO Fraud page, including the Fraud Fact Sheet, a handy reference for lawyers and law firm staff that describes the common frauds and the red flags that can help identify them.