We know that being involved in the legal profession can be intense, with high expectations and demands. Your Member Assistance Program (MAP) helps you take practical and effective steps to improve well-being.

Confidential counselling
Within a confidential environment, you can receive counselling for any challenge—whether it’s a first step in facing a possible addiction, or managing day-to-day stress.
Your confidentiality is guaranteed through an individual’s right to privacy protection and enforced within the limits of the law.
Homewood does not share any personal identifying information with the Law Society regarding any member. All statistical data and utilization information is independently reviewed by Aon Hewitt. The Law Society is kept at arm’s length at all times.

Peer-to-peer support
Peers go through rigorous on-boarding and are provided on-going support to ensure their success. MAP has a number of Peers who have recently applied and are going through the screening process—a process that is intended to safeguard both the Peer and the member, ensuring the best possible experience for both parties. This process is handled directly by Aon Hewitt and Homewood Health. The Law Society has no role in this process. Peers are cross-trained on all services available via MAP, so that they can assist members and their family members as and when appropriate.

Members access all clinical and non-clinical support, including Peers, through a dedicated toll free number (1-855-403-8922). Members have the option to use one or both support networks. With regard to counselling or information services, members can access support through a number of convenient modalities: face-to-face, online, by telephone, web-based and mobile application.

Online resources
Access our member website anytime for e-Learning, interactive tools, health and wellness assessments, and a library of health, life balance, and workplace articles.

Plan Smart coaching
Help for a variety of life balance and health challenges, including but not limited to: childcare and parenting, smoking cessation, finances, pre-retirement planning, nutrition and weight management, and career planning.

Homewood Health™ provides the confidential Member Assistance Program (MAP) for Ontario lawyers, paralegals, judges, students at Ontario law schools and accredited paralegal colleges, licensing-process candidates, and their families, with financial, arm’s-length support from the Law Society of Upper Canada and LAWPRO. To learn more about the MAP, please visit or call 1-855-403-8922.

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