You know that it is important to review the coverages, exclusions and specific exceptions in title insurance policies with clients. There are, of course, differences in standard policy coverages and it is your responsibility to arrange the appropriate coverage for your client, based on her or his individual transaction.

If a problem arises after closing and a claim is made by your client that you should have recommended a different title insurance policy because some coverage in the other policy was more appropriate (and the client would not have suffered a loss if the other policy had been obtained) – you face the allegation of negligence.

TitlePLUS Legal Service Coverage provides protection even regarding the lawyer’s choice or recommendation of title insurance. In the scenario above, if the policy recommended was a TitlePLUS policy and it is concluded that the lawyer was negligent in recommending the policy, there would be no Errors & Omissions deductible or claim history levy surcharge against the lawyer, because the lawyer’s lack of judgment would be handled under the TitlePLUS policy.

TitlePLUS Legal Service Coverage:

  • insures all the services the lawyer provides for the transaction, if the lawyer commits an error or omission in the transaction for which liability is imposed by law;
  • means that the client cannot be worse off by obtaining TitlePLUS insurance than he or she would be if obtaining a lawyer’s opinion; and
  • means that the client is insured for the lawyer’s choice of title insurance, in the event that the lawyer chooses negligently.
  • If you have any questions about the TitlePLUS policy or underwriting requirements, contact the TitlePLUS Customer Service Centre via email at [email protected] or call 1-800-410-1013.