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ZDnet’s article on the six most common ways non tech people can fall victim to cybercrime demonstrates how employees (or even management) with low levels of technical knowledge can be the weak spot in a firm’s cybersecurity strategy. Sometimes it may be just the individual that suffers the consequences, but potentially they can open the door to for criminals to hack a larger network. Hackers know this, and often target these people with malicious scams, adware or password breaks.

Here are the ways people can fall victim. Click here for the full article.

  • Banking and retail hacks
  • Third-party app compromises
  • Phishing scams
  • Social engineering
  • Bad password practices
  • Malvertisesments

Law firms wishing to learn more about the dangers of cybercrime and the steps they should be taking to prevent breaches should read Cybercrime and Law Firms: The Risks and Dangers Are Real and Protecting Yourself from Cybercrime Dangers: The Steps You Need to Take.

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