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AvoidAClaim is proud to be inducted into the new Clawbies Hall of Fame, after a number of years as winner and runner-up. The Clawbies (now in their 11th year) were created by Slaw.ca founder Steve Matthews to draw attention to Canadian law blogs and encourage more of us to develop them.

Here is the announcement and list of other Hall of Fame inductees:

We’re excited to announce the creation of the Canadian Law Blog Awards Hall of Fame! Every year, we will induct into the Hall blogs that have won a Clawbie (not just a runner-up award) at least three times. Starting this year, these blogs will no longer be considered for annual Clawbies, but they will be recognized with a Hall of Fame badge for their use, as well as a notation of the honour at lawblogs.ca.

Please welcome our inaugural Clawbies Hall of Fame class!
•AvoidaClaim (Dan Pinnington)
Law of Work (David Doorey)
Michael Geist (Michael Geist)
Slaw (Collaborative)
Thoughtful Legal Management (David Bilinsky)

Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up this year. Be sure to visit the Clawbies site to see the full list.

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