LAWPRO video screenshot

Communities across Canada depend on local lawyers for reliable access to justice. These lawyers not only act on real estate deals, but also draft wills, incorporate companies, advise on family law situations and provide information and direction on dealing with complex legal issues. LAWPRO views the future of the real estate bar as a strategic, long-term access to justice issue.

That is why LAWPRO works to advance the role and reputation of lawyers in our communities, and to enhance the viability and competitive position of the legal profession. In 2015, we augmented our print public awareness campaign with videos and radio spots. These materials, along with our media articles, were promoted using a social media ad campaign to multiply the exposure of the message.

Our newest video is a “streeter” and in it, we talk to people on the street about what they know about title insurance. The results are fun and informative.

To learn how to share the articles and videos follow the directions in this information sheet. Not only will you be promoting the important work that lawyers perform, you will be offering helpful resources to the public. Please contact Ray Leclair, Vice President, Public Affairs (416-598-5890 [email protected]) if you have any questions.