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The Director of Titles, Jeff Lem, has advised that Teraview was updated in two significant ways as of December 7, 2020.

1. French language documents may now be registered everywhere in the province via Teraview. Although some jurisdictions previously had this ability, this feature now applies to all counties and districts across the province. Nothing different needs to be done, one only needs to select “French” in Teraview then register the French language document and it will be dealt with by a French language capable registry staff. .

2. All are aware that the registry office counters were closed as of Thanksgiving, 2020 and a temporary courier service made available to register Registry Act (and certain other paper) documents, pending the addition of the ability to register using Teraview. Teraview, as of December 7, 2020, has the feature to permit the registration of all paper documents. A NEW Instrument type has been added. To register, in Teraview, select the new instrument type – “Paper Registration Request” – and attach all of the paper document that you have scanned as an electronic document and submit. If you have multiple documents in one folder (like a Transfer, Charge, and Discharge), then they are registered together as attachments to one single instrument. This will also permit you to pay for the registration fees and taxes via your ERBA account. The Ontario registration system is now fully electronic. For further information, see the Electronic Registration Procedures Guide.

Also, please find two articles to assist real estate lawyers to avoid registration errors. See “Common Reasons the LRO Bounces Your Instruments” by Ian Speers and the “Best Practices Relating to Court Orders” by Jeffrey Lem, Director of Titles.

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