The legal profession is a stressful one. It can be difficult to manage stress or achieve healthy lifestyles. When we’re stressed, we tend to make mistakes. When we’re stressed, we’re more likely to miss a step, make an error inputting a calendar date, or not take enough time to properly delegate a task to a colleague.

Thankfully, self-care is a skill that can be developed. It will help us stay healthy and keep our practices healthy too.

Self-care: A skill that can be constantly developed

It takes time to find what works, but there are lots of ways to embrace self-care as part of practice. These tips can also help our productivity. There are lots of ways to embrace self-care. Here are a few to get started:

  • Be kind to your body: Stay hydrated and snack to avoid hanger.
  • Take breaks throughout the day: There are endless ways of doing this.
  • Get your rest: The research is clear that we can’t perform at our highest levels when we work without proper rest. The evidence is clear that sleep deprivation causes many difficulties for individuals; get your rest.
  • Plan your joy: Michelle Obama says “Plan your joy.” By planning ahead, we have experiences to look forward to. Whether it’s a night out, a dinner party, a book on pre-order, or an upcoming yoga class, having something to look forward to creates joy in preparing for leisure and ensures that we have leisure activities in the calendar.
  • Take your vacation: Carve out your vacation time in advance and take it. We all need to unplug and recharge. When we return to work, we’re refreshed.

You are not alone: The Member Assistance Program

Finally, remember that you are not alone. Support is available to help you develop self-care skills and in case you require mental health support. The Member Assistance Program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. MAP services are confidential and are available to Ontario lawyers and others. To learn more about MAP, visit practicepro.ca/practice-aids/wellness or the MAP website.

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