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About Dan Pinnington

Dan Pinnington Daniel E. Pinnington was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of LAWPRO in 2018. From 2012 to 2018, he served as Vice President, Claims Prevention and Stakeholder Relations, overseeing LAWPRO's claims prevention and outreach initiatives.

Dan joined LAWPRO in 2001 as Director, practicePRO and was the driving force behind the practicePRO program - LAWPRO’s innovative and internationally recognized claims prevention initiative. He used his unique combination of practice experience and technology expertise to provide lawyers with tools and resources to assist them in avoiding malpractice claims and succeeding in the practice of law.

Before joining LAWPRO, Dan practised for eight years in the Litigation Department of a Niagara-area law firm. Dan was called to the bar in 1993, having graduated with a combined LL.B./J.D. from the University of Windsor and Detroit Mercy College of Law.

Dan Pinnington's Posts

Protecting Yourself from Cybercrime Dangers: Avoid the Dangers of Email

email icon

Email has become a primary communications tool for the legal profession. It allows virtually instant sharing of information and documents between lawyers and their clients. Email is also one of the most dangerous tools in a modern law office. Infected attachments, spam and phishing attacks delivered by email make it easy for cyber criminals to… Read More »

Categories: Fraud Prevention

When you do legal work involving foreign law or lawyers: Are you covered?


Lawyers and their clients are more mobile than ever before. With the Internet, easy international travel and a global economy, relationships and business transactions – and legal matters and disputes – frequently cross international borders. Handling matters that involve foreign law can increase the risk that you will face a malpractice claim, and can have… Read More »

Categories: Risk Management Strategies, LAWPRO Errors and Omissions Coverage

The Future of Law: Facing the challenges and opportunities

crystal ball

Big changes – positive and negative – have happened to the profession in the past. We have gone through economic cycles and seen both emerging and disappearing areas of law. Court rules and procedures have changed. There was the consolidation and growth of big firms and the general movement from general practitioners to specialists. Technology… Read More »

Categories: Law Practice Management

The Future of Law: Should legal service providers be regulated?

law society

By stating that they are not practising law or providing legal advice, legal service providers (see yesterday’s post on what a “legal service provider” is) shrewdly aim to take themselves out of the current legal services regulatory scheme and nicely avoid all the education, admission, ethics and insurance obligations that lawyers must fulfill. You can… Read More »

Categories: Legal Technology, Law Practice Management

The Future of Law Who will provide legal services?

robot face

Our current legal system is predicated on lawyers – and more recently paralegals – delivering “legal services” (the definition of this term is discussed in the next section). Can Ontario lawyers maintain a monopoly on professional legal services? The answer is probably not. In fact, some would argue the monopoly ended when paralegals were given… Read More »

Categories: Legal Technology, Law Practice Management
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