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FraudInfo Fraud continues to be a significant and costly problem for LAWPRO.
Fraudsters are successfully duping lawyers and law clerks, and it’s not
just real estate lawyers who are being targeted. Litigation, business, IP and family law lawyers are frequent targets of bad cheque scams involving debt collections, business loans, licensing disputes, and spousal support payments.

Don’t be complacent and think you would never be fooled. These frauds
are very sophisticated. The matters will look legitimate, the fraudsters will be very convincing and the client ID and other documents you get will look real. The fake cheques have fooled bank tellers and branch managers. There may even be two or more people collaborating on both sides of a transaction to make the scenario more convincing.

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Debt collection fraud using the names Robert Murphy and Rapid Grinding & Machine Co


Firms in Michigan and Texas have notified us that they received an email from the purported Robert Murphy of Rapid Grinding & Machine Co looking to retain them with regards to a commercial debt collection. This appears to be a bad cheque scam that presents as legal matter requiring the assistance of a lawyer. In… Read More »

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