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So you want to start an A2J initiative? Here’s what you need to know about insurance

access to justice

Lawyers and others in Ontario continue to conceive and champion initiatives aimed at bringing justice into the public’s reach. LawPRO is committed to supporting that innovation, and is eager to participate in the A2J conversation. This article outlines our perspective. Why an insurance perspective? Crucial for many A2J initiatives is finding lawyers who want to… Read More »

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Lawyers: (Safely) make your own dent in the affordability barrier

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Removing the barriers that stand between ordinary Ontarians and legal remedies will be a complex, long-term exercise. However, setting aside a few hours to do pro bono work is one way for lawyers to make a meaningful individual contribution to the bigger picture. LawPRO eases the decision to offer uncompensated services by offering lawyers special… Read More »

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Rule 48 dismissal FAQs


In the last year we have received inquiries regarding the new Rule 48. Here are the questions we most frequently hear: 1. The main action is administratively dismissed under Rule 48. What happens to related counterclaims, cross claims and third party claims? Counterclaims, crossclaims, and third party claims are dealt with under Rule 48.14(9), which… Read More »

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What’s my coverage when working pro bono?

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In Ontario there is a pressing need for legal services that can be accessed by low-income and disadvantaged persons. Many lawyers are stepping up and trying to address this gap through free services, discounted fees, or providing legal education to members of the public. Whenever legal services are being provided to the public, however, it… Read More »

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Alternative fee arrangements in litigation


In recent years more focus has turned to alternative fee arrangements as a way to offer clients more predictable costs and affordable legal services. Hughes Amys LLP, based out of Hamilton and Toronto, offers alternative fee arrangements which have proven successful for them. Here is a look at how they’ve done it. “We’ve been doing… Read More »

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