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AvoidAClaim hits two big milestones


Like McDonald’s in 1962, AvoidAClaim has now reached “one million served”. Over five years and 1,700 posts we’ve now surpassed a million visitors to our blog. With the launch in May of a refreshed blog design, we hope to attract even more readers and get to two million in even less time. The other big… Read More »

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Practice Pitfalls of Public Interest Advocacy


Representing a public interest group can be risky for lawyers. Such a group may, for example, be the target of a SLAPP (strategic litigation against public policy) lawsuit, with enormous costs consequences that its members did not anticipate. Lawyers are sometimes even named as defendants in such lawsuits. In one case, a lawyer who represented… Read More »

Categories: Civil Litigation, Communication Errors, Conflicts of Interest, Risk Management Strategies

Real estate lawyers: Make a name for yourself with social media

man standing in front of social media logos

On top of being unfamiliar with the best marketing techniques, many lawyers struggle to find the time for business development activities. The internet and social media offer real estate lawyers new options for reaching out to existing and potential clients and is a friendly, non-offensive way to interact with them. Websites, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter… Read More »

Categories: Real Estate, Technology

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