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practicePRO Resourec: Managing the Lawyer/Client Relationship

November 22, 2013 By: TimLemieux Category: Biggest claims risks


Lawyer/client communication-related errors are the biggest cause of malpractice claims. By cost and count, more than one-third of LAWPRO claims involved this type of error. Most claims arise out of fundamental failures in the lawyer/client relationship – failures such as inadequate client-case screening, poor communication and insufficient systems, trails and record-keeping.

The Managing the Lawyer/Client Relationship guides you through the various stages of a relationship with a client, from intake to termination, and covers such topics as effective communication and time management.

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One Response to “practicePRO Resourec: Managing the Lawyer/Client Relationship”

  1. Steven Sweat, Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer says:

    I would absolutely agree that the breakdown in communication at any stage (intake, representation or closure) is the main culprit for malpractice claims. Look forward to checking out this system.

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