Lee Rosen is a North Carolina lawyer and law practice management blogger. After leaving a firm in which he was an associate, he left to start his own practice. He has found success, but not without bumps along the way. He describes these challenges in 10 Things No One Tells You About Hanging Out Your Shingle. It’s cold, hard reading for those considering making the jump to sole practice.

Here are the challenges he describes: (click here for the full article)

  • You won’t have anyone to turn to for advice or feedback
  • You’ll have stress through the roof
  • You don’t have what it takes
  • It takes years
  • Being passionate won’t cut it
  • You don’t have the skills you need
  • Imitation doesn’t help
  • You won’t get rich
  • It’s lonely at the top
  • The vendors don’t care

Another resource for lawyers considering going solo is practicePRO’s questionnaire Do you have what it takes to be a sole practitioner?

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