TitlePLUS has just launched a revamped website at www.titleplus.ca that includes new features and intuitive drop-down menus.

There are also some great resources for real estate lawyers and their staff that will help reduce claims exposure, including sample retainer and reporting letters – two important risk management tools. The documents you can use and adapt are:

There is also a link to the Working With a Lawyer When Buying a Home brochure that lawyers can use to explain the legal aspects of buying a home and the role of the lawyer in the real estate transaction. It provides a very useful comparison chart of the different methods for assuring title, such as a solicitor’s opinion on title, title insurance, or TitlePLUS title insurance. The new site also provides a clear explanation of the legal services coverage provided by the TitlePLUS program — a resource lawyers can use to explain the benefits of TitlePLUS coverage.

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