In 2002 practicePRO launched the LAWPRO CPD Premium Credit. It was a way to encourage lawyers to attend programs we felt had a strong risk management component by rewarding them with a $50 credit (up to $100 in any policy year) on their insurance premium.

In that first year we approved 12 CPD programs with a combined attendance of 2,200 lawyers. Ten years later, and with the advent of the Law Society’s mandatory CPD requirements, we approved 213 CPD programs with a combined attendance of over 53,000.

We feel the program has been a huge success at getting the practicePRO risk management message into CPD programming, but we also feel its time for a name change. There has been some confusion among lawyers about the difference between LSUC CPD requirements and the LAWPRO CPD credit.

So to better represent LAWPRO’s reasons for offering a premium credit, and to avoid confusion with the Law Society’s CPD requirements, the LAWPRO CPD premium credit has become the LAWPRO Risk Management credit as of September 16, 2012.

The new name reflects the aim of the premium credit: To encourage lawyers to attend CPD programs that contain significant risk management content that will help them avoid claims. The process by which lawyers can claim the credit will stay the same, and we will continue to approve programs that touch on areas of law in which we see a lot of claims, or that address the causes of claims generally (poor communication, time management, etc).

For more information on how we determine which CPD programs qualify for the Risk Management premium credit, click here. To see a list of programs approved for the 2014 premium credit, click here.

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