Are you familiar with the various available legal technology options, and are you using everything you should be? Legal technology is essential for communicating with and serving clients, for completing law-related tasks, and for running and managing your practice.

Top 10 Technology Tools and How to Use Them, by Dan Pinnington, Richard Ferguson, David Bilinsky and David Masters reviews what the authors feel are the “top ten legal technologies,” that is, technologies that all law offices should be using or working towards implementing.

The top ten technologies reviewed in this paper are:

  1. The Foundation: A Decent Computer System
  2. Communications: Telephony and E-mail;
  3. Finances: Integrated Trust Accounting, Time & Billing and General Ledger Software;
  4. Systems: Practice Management Software;
  5. Mobility: Personal Digital Assistants, Smartphones, Blackberries and Cell Phones;
  6. Workflow: The Paperless Office and Document Management;
  7. Efficiency: Document Assembly, Document Automation;
  8. Strategy, Tactics and Execution: Litigation Software;
  9. Specialty Software;
  10. Advocacy: Presentation Tools;
  11. No Hands: voice recognition and digital dictation software
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