The Working Group on Lawyers and Real Estate is tasked with focusing on issues facing the real estate lawyer and creates tools for lawyers to become more efficient and better serve their clients. One of its latest projects is to create a set of province-wide precedent materials which lawyers can use and adapt for their residential condominium practice, which sufficiently informs the clients, sets out the parties duties and obligations and manages the risk inherent in the condominium transaction. For further information on the Working Group or any of its initiatives, visit

The Condominium Documents Subcommittee has released the following documents for your review and invites your feedback prior to the documents being finalized.

  • Draft Retainer
  • Client Information Form
  • Status Certificate Review Report
  • Report to Buyers
  • Buyers Condominium Guide

You can view the documents at

Feed back is welcomed and encouraged please respond by Tuesday, September 30, 2014.

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