I believe that poor decision making is one of the biggest problems we face as a profession, and as a society. And that it is eminently improvable.

Marc Lauritsen at Attorney At Work asks us to think about choice. Lawyers face daily choices in the practice of law and in the running of their office. These can be big or small, and some choices can have far-reaching consequences for clients and careers. The question Mr. Lauritsen asks is: do we make good choices?


He suggests we could all make better choices in life if we spent more time thinking about how we make decisions. Most of us consider the various options at hand, and not the process of choosing from amongst them.

Click here to read his full blog post, which includes a link to his 12 mantras of choice in the context of law office technology.

Is how lawyers make decisions different from everyone else? Something to do with their personalities? In 2008 Dr Larry Richard explored the lawyer personality for LAWPRO Magazine in an article entitled Herding Cats: The Lawyer Personality Revealed.