What’s on your firm’s “Contact us” page? Is it just your phone number, address and maybe an initial intake email option? Erika Ritzer, writing in says your page could be made much more inviting and dynamic; anything to make potential clients want to take the final step and get in touch.

Below are some of her tips. You’ll want to read her full post to see screenshot examples of sites that have really visually compelling contact pages.

  • Add visual elements to make the page more interesting. No need to have a tiny map — make it large so viewers can actually read it. Or use satellite imagery that is readily available. The contact page can also be an opportunity to push good information while still displaying how to get found.
  • Don’t make it impossible to find how to contact you. All too often the link to the contact page is buried in the footer of the website, forcing site visitors to search for it. Why make it hard for the user?
  • For mobile devices, be sure all phone numbers are live links that actually dial the number.
  • Street addresses need to link to maps that will provide directions for the user, and parking details are also extremely helpful.
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