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Workplace change can come in any number of ways: office relocation, changes in management, having your workspace shrunk, or having to adapt to a new technology. Lawyers work in a field that is especially subject to change, with the traditional firm mergers, splits and personnel moves as well as the many other effects of changes in the 21st century legal environment.

“Workplace change is the rule now, not the exception”,

according to the e-Course “Embracing Workplace Change” by Homewood Human Solutions. And those who can successfully make the transition and can often find themselves thriving in their situation.

So what are the transition stages of a major workplace change? Similar to the “Seven Stages of Grief”, they are:

  • The alarm stage, in which you react to the initial shock of the change.
  • The opposition stage, in which the surprise has worn off and resentment may set in.
  • The acceptance stage, in which you realize the things you feared didn’t come about.
  • The discovery stage, where the new situation is now familiar and comfortable.

The e-Course has self-reflection exercises for each stage, and a self-assessment quiz to help you figure out which stage you might be at. There are also a number of modules to help you become a better “continuous learner” who can more easily adapt to changes when they happen.

LAWPRO believes that helping lawyers improve their personal health and workplace effectiveness can reduce the likelihood of claims, and financially supports the Law Society’s Member Assistance Program (MAP), which is administered by Homewood Human Solutions (HHS). Homewood offers a number of e-Learning Courses that lawyers can do from their desks, and from time to time we’ll highlight one of them here on our blog (note that first-time users of the Homewood site will need to register before proceeding to the e-Courses)

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