When making the decision to launch a new firm there are seemingly a million decisions to consider. According to the Above The Law blog, lawyers can get mentally trapped by too many of these “little” decisions and overlook some crucial things that can ensure the success of their new venture.

Here are ten “big” things that lawyers starting a new firm should consider (and read the full blog post to learn more about each.)

  1. Leave, Don’t Quit
  2. Get Clients on Your Side
  3. Don’t Scare Yourself into a Partnership
  4. Get on the Same Page
  5. Be Ready to Make a Good Hire on Day One
  6. Make People Care
  7. Make Some Mistakes
  8. Understand the 5 Things You Stink at Most
  9. Practice Saying “No.”
  10. Go Out to Lunch

LAWPRO could add two more things to think about: Avoiding potential conflicts when joining a new firm, and considering the insurance implications.

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