Marsh USA has conducted a survey of fifty U.S. law firms to get their opinions on various issues concerning cyber security. The results indicate that the topic is high on the list of concerns at firms, but that many have not taken the steps necessary to prevent or respond to a cyber/privacy. 7% of firms say they have been the victim of a successful cyber attack in the past three years.

Here are the key findings:

  • 79% of respondents in aggregate viewed cyber/privacy security as one of their top 10 risks in their overall risk strategy.
  • 72% said their firm has not assessed and scaled the cost of a data breach based on the information it retains.
  • 51% said that their law firms either have not taken measures to insure their cyber risk (41%) or do not know (10%) if their firm has taken measures.
  • 62% have not calculated the effective revenue lost or extra expenses incurred following a cyber-attack.

Click here for the full survey findings.

Law firms wishing to learn more about the dangers of cybercrime and the steps they should be taking to prevent breaches should read Cybercrime and Law Firms: The Risks and Dangers Are Real and Protecting Yourself from Cybercrime Dangers: The Steps You Need to Take.

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