LAWPRO believes that helping lawyers improve their personal health and workplace effectiveness can reduce the likelihood of claims, and financially supports the Law Society’s Member Assistance Program (MAP), which is administered by Homewood Human Solutions (HHS). Homewood offers a number of e-Learning Courses that lawyers can do from their desks, and from time to time we’ll highlight one of them here on our blog (note that first-time users of the Homewood site will need to register before proceeding to the e-Courses)

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According to Resolutions for Stress Relief, Wellness and Balance:

The life of a lawyer, especially a solo or small firm practitioner, is often stressful. Stress itself is not necessarily a bad thing; our body’s reaction to stress actually helps us to meet the sudden demands that we face as busy lawyers. However, too much stress too often becomes chronic stress, and takes its toll on our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

The “Taking Control of Stress” e-Learning course focuses on key stress management skills, including: managing thinking and feelings, time management, increasing positive experiences, getting active and relaxation.

The first segment, “About Stress” looks at how some stress can be a good thing, while too much can be debilitating. In an ideal world we’d all find a spot somewhere in the middle.

The next segment includes a “Signs of Stress” checklist to help you recognize mental and physical symptoms to watch for that might indicate that the stresses in your life could be having a negative effect.

Having identified a problem with stress, a number of techniques are offered to help you cope. These include reducing tension through breathing and muscle exercises, mental visualization tips and a daily worksheet to help you track your efforts.

All e-Learning courses offered on the HHS site are approved for the LAWPRO Risk Management credit. The program credits can be claimed by selecting “Credit for a Homewood e-Learning course through the LSUC Member Assistance Plan” on the Risk Management Credit declaration page. One credit ($50) per policy year can be claimed for completing an e-Learning course.

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