Like McDonald’s in 1962, AvoidAClaim has now reached “one million served”. Over five years and 1,700 posts we’ve now surpassed a million visitors to our blog. With the launch in May of a refreshed blog design, we hope to attract even more readers and get to two million in even less time.

The other big number we’ve hit (that is less cause for celebration) is our 1,000th fraud warning. The two big numbers are connected, as our fraud alerts drive a great deal of traffic to our blog. While we wish these were posts we didn’t have to do, we take a lot of satisfaction in knowing we’ve helped lawyers all over the world learn the red flags of fraud and avoid being duped. Having discovered the blog, many then subscribe to get more fraud alerts and risk management posts…helping grow our audience even more.

According to the stats the busiest month was June 2013 which saw nearly 28,000 visits, and the post with the most hits was a separation agreement scam involving the name Fumiko Anderson which got 8,860 hits (and 236 emails to [email protected] about it).

The top five non fraud posts were about the limitations period on family law constructive trust claims (2,198 hits), an update on administrative dismissals (1,037 hits), an article on shelf corporations (1,037 hits), 10 mortgage blunders to avoid (1,002 hits) and our sample real estate retainer letter (934 hits).

Thanks to everyone who reads and subscribes to AvoidAClaim, and we hope to bring you even more great risk management articles and resources in the years ahead.

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