Are you ready to take your health and well-being to the next level? Homewood Health’s Member Assistance Program now offers The 12 Weeks to Wellness Program : a comprehensive, self-directed approach to support behaviour changes and includes access to life coaching, nutritional counselling, and a confidential health risk assessment over a 12-week period.

You can start with the Health Risk Assessment to identify any health concerns, and from there experts will work with you to develop a personalized plan focused on your needs and goals. Whether you are looking for a holistic approach to getting in shape, a lifestyle change, or you want to quit smoking, your MAP and the 12 Weeks to Wellness Program can help.

Confidential Counselling – Get the help you need when you want it
Receive counselling for any challenge – whether it’s a first step in facing a possible addiction, career counselling, or managing day-to-day stress. Counselling is available face-to-face, over the phone, online, or by video. Your confidentiality is guaranteed through an individual’s right to privacy protection and enforced within the limits of the law.

Receive support from trained peers at any time
Peers are available to offer support, empathy, and identification with the issues you face without judgment. They are members of the profession with similar lived experience who are trained extensively. The Law Society has no role in this process. To access Peer-to-Peer Support, call 1-855-403-8922 or email [email protected].

Plan Smart Coaching
Receive support for a variety of life, health, and career challenges, including: childcare and parenting, smoking cessation, finances, pre-retirement planning, nutrition and weight management, and career planning.

Access personalized resources and tools – anytime, anywhere
Log into Homewood Health’s member-only website to receive expert health and wellness tools, e-courses, articles, and support at any time.

Homewood Health™ provides the confidential Member Assistance Program (MAP) for Ontario lawyers, paralegals, judges, students at Ontario law schools and accredited paralegal colleges, licensing-process candidates, and their families, with financial, arms-length support from the Law Society of Upper Canada and LAWPRO. To learn more about the MAP, please visit myassistplan.com or call 1-855-403-8922.

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