Teraview Account Holders are reminded that authorizations to register documents in the electronic land registration system are good for five (5) years only. Lawyers must file an Authorization Renewal Form. Instructions can be found on the Service Ontario website, which can be accessed through a link on Teraview. Most authorizations were last renewed in 2014 and expire this year.

Account holders are responsible for renewing their registration authorizations well before the expiry date to allow sufficient time for processing. If the authorizations expire, you will be without the ability to register which could jeopardise your transactions.

A caution when filling the Renewal Form; there is an obligation to disclose any disciplinary proceedings by the regulated organization where the User has been found to have engaged in professional misconduct. Failure to disclose relevant information could lead to a rejection of the request to renew.

If you have not done so recently, we encourage you to undertake the renewal exercise at your earliest opportunity.

Categories: Real Estate