The National Law Review has an article on the 12 ways you can improve your client intake process. Adopting these practices can help set a better first impression for potential clients and get the lawyer/client relationship off on the right foot.

Here are the 12 tips:

  1. Have a dedicated person answer the phone
  2. Show compassion and empathy
  3. Get the caller’s name and phone number at the beginning of the call in case you get cut off
  4. If you send someone to your website, SPELL it out clearly
  5. Do what you say you are going to do when you say you will do it
  6. Do not answer the phone with a generic “law firm.”
  7. If you are going to place someone on hold, always ask for his or her permission first
  8. Write out three to five reasons that make your law firm different
  9. Build an emotional relationship with the caller
  10. Have a dedicated person to return all voice mails the same day
  11. Never make a lawyer responsible for following up with leads
  12. Never quote fees over the phone

Click here to read the full article. And for more reading on how to improve the client experience from intake through to the end of the matter, read Managing the Lawyer/Client Relationship.