Cyber criminals are constantly updating their methods to take advantage of current events, and the disruption caused by Covid 19 and many people now working remotely has provided them with a new opportunities, as explained in Beware of cybersecurity risks during COVID-19 and working from home.

This CBC News article Email, text message attacks surge during COVID-19 crisis shows that fraudsters have begun impersonating public health agencies, the Canada Revenue agency and retailers to try to fool people into clicking links containing malware.

And LAWPRO CEO Dan Pinnington recieved the email below containing a fake docusign link (click to enlarge). In normal times lawyers aware of cyberphishing would think twice before clicking that, but with many of us working at home and more documents being signed electronically, the risk is greater.

Visit practicePRO’s Cyber Dangers page for more information on how to protect yourself from online fraud dangers.

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