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Nadia Dalimonte Nadia Dalimonte is Claims Counsel in the Specialty Claims department at LAWPRO

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Commercial Title Insurance: Don’t let big picture thinking stop you from caring about the details

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Title insurance can be a useful tool in commercial real estate transactions as policies usually provide coverage that will shield buyers from risks that can affect ownership and/or future marketability of a property. While it is tempting to assume that the coverage afforded under a commercial title insurance policy would be similar to that of… Read More »

Categories: Real Estate, The TitlePLUS Program & Title Insurance

LAWPRO Magazine archive – Drafting errors: A simple error can cost you


Given the complexity and the number of commercial agreements drafted each year in Ontario, it is surprising that corporate and commercial claims account for only 13 to 15 per cent of the number of claims reported against lawyers in Ontario annually. Although commercial leasing errors represent a small percentage of those claims, they illustrate where… Read More »

Categories: Corporate Law

Fraud coverage: Some title insurance policies may not protect your lender client – and may leave you in the cross-hairs


Fraudulent real estate transactions arising out of identity theft continue to be a concern as many real estate lawyers fall victim to unscrupulous imposter clients. Identity fraud has become increasingly difficult to detect as the quality of false identification and other documents improves. Further, fraudsters enlist the assistance of others to play the role of… Read More »

Categories: Real Estate, The TitlePLUS Program & Title Insurance
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