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Mentoring Real Estate Lawyers


Are you in need of a mentor? Would you mentor someone if you had the time? Here is a possible solution for both. The OBA’s Working Group on Lawyers and Real Estate has undertaken a mentoring initiative on their web site, This mentoring initiative is set up so that everyone can participate with little… Read More »

Categories: Real Estate

Title insurance and recreational properties: What you need to know


Recreational properties present a unique set of challenges. Here are some issues to keep in mind when obtaining title insurance policies for your clients’ purchases of recreational properties, to help ensure your clients’ interests are protected. Legal description: If the property was created years ago, the thumbnail description on the PIN may be brief, for… Read More »

Categories: Real Estate

Working Group on Lawyers and Real Estate’s documents for the purchase of a condominium


The Working Group on Lawyers and Real Estate has established a sub-committee to consider the work undertaken in the purchase of a condominium. The Subcommittee is working on various documents to assist real estate lawyers and their purchasers in a resale condominium transaction and intend to consult with and obtain a broad range of comments… Read More »

Categories: Real Estate

LAWPRO Magazine: Avoiding the Unintentional Expansion of Retainers


Here’s the scenario: A lawyer is retained to assist a client with a tort claim and an accident benefits claim. The client, meanwhile, has been informed that the long-term disability (LTD) benefits provided by her employer’s group plan are about to be terminated. In an effort to forestall the termination of benefits, she asks the… Read More »

Categories: Communication Errors, Family Law, Civil Litigation

Dotting all the “i”s


I have a songwriter friend who reports that the hardest part of writing a song is finishing it. She finds that her enthusiasm for writing means that she loves the initial burst of creative energy, but she has trouble keeping herself on task for the polishing process: When a song is nearly finished, she finds… Read More »

Categories: Family Law, Corporate Law
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