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Law Practice Management

practicePRO Resource: Voicemail tips


Although not everyone likes it, voice mail is an essential tool. Used properly, it can help you better communicate with and serve your clients. To avoid frustrating clients, consider the following points for handling incoming calls from our Managing a Better Professional Services firm booklet,: Give callers the option to leave a traditional message: If… Read More »

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practicePRO Resource: Checklist for client/case screening


This checklist is taken from practicePRO’s Managing the Lawyer/Client Relationship booklet. In the case of a new client, identify through independent means the client for whom you are going to act. Don’t get caught with an imposter on your hands. First impressions often provide a helpful signal about the potential relationship. Trust your instincts. You… Read More »

Categories: Law Practice Management

Communicating with staff about email privacy


In the course of an investigation of an alleged cheating incident, Harvard University administrators apparently accessed (without notice) and reviewed the contents of the email inboxes of several resident deans, triggering criticism by the deans and by the public at large. If you are a law firm manager, are you legally entitled to snoop through… Read More »

Categories: Privacy

Due to Suspicious Activity Evernote Has Implemented a Password Reset for All Users


All Evernote users should immediately change their passwords. The following text appeared in a post on the Evernote blog this morning (March 2, 1013) and is also being sent to all Evernote users as an email communication: Evernote’s Operations & Security team has discovered and blocked suspicious activity on the Evernote network that appears to… Read More »

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praticePRO resource: Generic law firm privacy policy


As a supplement to the LAWPRO Magazine articles Privacy and Your Clients: An Agenda For Every Firm (Summer 2003) and Personal Information and Privacy (Winter 2007), LAWPRO has created a Sample Firm Privacy Policy. It can be used as a precedent and checklist to guide you as you examine your own firm’s procedures for dealing… Read More »

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